Oat Chocolate Cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies? Here follows my own recipe for low sugar wholemeal Oat & Chocolate cookies. Well, we have all tasted new recipes and felt like… “mmmm… this needs something” but were not sure what that “something” was.

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Gomashio is a dry topping, made from sesame seeds (goma) and salt (shio), sometimes enriched with hemp seeds and seaweeds (wakame and/or nori). It is widely used in both Japanese and Macrobiotic cuisine. Sprinkled over plain rice and dishes, it enhances the flavor of vegetables and salads, being a healthier alternative to ordinary pure salt. At the moment, I using it everywhere 🙂 even my Oat&Chocolate Cookies!

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ChocoMango Raw Cake

When life gives you mangoes make a sparkling ChocoMango raw cake! I am really pleased with the way this raw cake came out, especially the sharpness of the mango custard, which is also extremely easy to make. Let’s see..

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