Gomashio is a dry topping, made from sesame seeds (goma) and salt (shio), sometimes enriched with hemp seeds and seaweeds (wakame and/or nori).

It is widely used in both Japanese and Macrobiotic cuisine. Sprinkled over plain rice and dishes, it enhances the flavor of vegetables and salads, being a healthier alternative to ordinary pure salt. At the moment, I using it everywhere ūüôā even my¬†Oat&Chocolate Cookies!

Let’s look into the benefits of this natural supplement:

  • it reduces the amount of salt normally used for seasoning;
  • it is a source of essential fatty acids, such as omega 6 and omega 3;
  • it is rich in minerals such as iron, selenium and, especially, calcium: 100 g of sesame seeds contains 950 mg of calcium (versus 1155 mg of calcium in 100 gr of parmesan);
  • it is a good source of aminoacids and vitamins A, E and B6.

Gomashio can be hand-made by grinding toasted sesame seeds and salt in mortar, better if the traditional Japanese suribachi.




  • 5 parts of sesame seeds (either tan or black shelled seeds)
  • 1 part of salt

Note that the ratio of sesame seeds to salt might vary according to  your taste and diet, generally ranging on everything between 5:1 and 15:1.  



 Toast the seeds in a pan for 2 mintutes before mixing with the salt and grinding in a mortal….and that’s it!

Store it in a lidded jar for a few weeks. 

Happy Cooking!



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