This section is dedicated to books and articles I considered extremely interesting.

Starting  with the extensive literature produced by the Italian oncologist Franco Berrino.

Those papers and books treat the delicate theme of insulin resistance, which is a typical rick factor of the metabolic syndrome.

I will quote an abstract from is book “Il cibo dell’ uomo” (Men’s Food).

Western lifestyle, characterised by reduced physical activity and a diet rich in fat, refined carbohydrates, and animal protein is associated with high prevalence of overweight, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and high plasma levels of several growth factors and sex hormones. 

Most of these factors are associated with breast cancer risk, diabetes, obesity  and increased risk of recurrences. Recent trials have proven that such a metabolic and endocrine imbalance can be favourably modified through comprehensive dietary modification, shifting from Western to Mediterranean and macrobiotic diet.

Berrino often mentions the recommendations from the WCRF (World Cancer Research Fund):

  • Reduce calorie intake, through the preferred consumption of highly satisfying foods, such as unrefined cereals, legumes, and vegetables. That means to limit the consumption of foods high in fats and added refined sugars and low in fibre. Also, avoid sugary drinks (soft drinks) and limit fresh juices.
  • Limit the consumption of high glycemic index food, such as refined flours, potatoes, white rice, corn flakes, sugar, and milk, using instead whole grain cereals (unrefined rice, barley, millet, oat, buckwheat, spelt, quinoa), legumes (any type), and vegetables (any type, except potatoes).
  • Reduce sources of saturated fat (red and processed meat, milk, and dairy products) preferring instead unrefined vegetable fats, such as olive oil, nuts, and oleaginous seeds.
  • Limit consumption of salty foods and foods processed with salt (sodium)
  • Aim to meet nutritional needs through diet alone, without supplements.

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